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About Us

Kolibski, Nikończyk, Dec & Partnerzy is a multi-award winning tax advisory firm comprised of a team of experienced tax experts that effectively help clients on both the national and international market.

We take pride in our extensive experience in providing current tax services and conducting proceedings on behalf of Polish and foreign companies as well as corporations from the majority of industries, in particular: energy, building, development, production, advertising, commercial, fuel and property sectors. Furthermore, we support local government units in the broadly defined field of taxes.

Apart from rendering current tax and legal services at the highest level of quality, we also advise on tax optimization both domestically and cross-border, by which we understand the creation of special framework allowing to dispose of assets in a tax-optimal manner and obtain tax-preferred income from the operating activity.

In addition, our law firm also provides services in the field of transfer pricing in a broad sense, including the drafting of tax documents, performance of economic analyses, analyses of the impact of capital and personal ties on transformation, merger and acquisition and tax optimization, representation of clients in cases concerning the estimation of income and execution of the Advance Pricing Agreements (APA).

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