Corporate services

We take pride in our extensive experience in rendering corporate services to enterprises. We have implemented a number of restructuring processes in the form of: • transformation of companies (limited companies into partnerships, including limited joint-stock companies, and partnerships into partnerships, including limited joint-stock companies), • in-kind contribution to companies (to partnerships, including limited joint-stock companies and limited companies) and organized parts of companies, • liquidation of partnerships. Our management of the restructuring processes includes a full range of services, such as: • preparation and description of the restructuring concept, • preparation of draft corporate documentation for new companies (deeds, articles of association, transformation plans), • incorporation of new entities in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register (KRS), • guarantee of the process tax protection by filing relevant motions for individual interpretation, • transfer of assets to new entities and registration of this fact in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register (KRS), • personnel changes in companies, • equity changes in companies (increase and decrease of equity, issue of shares and stocks), • introduction of preferential rights for particular shareholders, • protection of shareholders’ interests in companies, • payment of dividends and remuneration in kind for the redeemed shares/stocks. We have broad experience in providing services related to in-kind contribution of enterprises. We have conducted transactions concerning both enterprises and natural persons. We also provide full post-transaction services. Our help includes expert advice in particular areas, such as in-kind contribution of a company or other type of restructuring process. We also provide single services related to corporate management of our clients, including: • establishment of new companies, • incorporation of new companies or change of details of such entities.

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Przemek Urbaniak
Konrad Turzyński
Arkadiusz Gerwel
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